Making The Impossible, Possible

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How we work

Four Season Fighters’ main focus is to provide support, accommodations, and opportunities to help Veterans, Firefighters and Police Officers who have been injured or disabled (physically or mentally) to engage in physical activities that they didn’t think were possible. Many times people who are disabled give up the will to engage in activities they did previously, or try new activities, either because they don’t have the will, or they don’t think they are physically able to — we want to change that! We have guides, volunteers and sponsors who partner with us to make the seemingly impossible, possible, in any way we can — all for free!



Hunting is particularly a passion with Four Season Fighters, and one of the main reasons we started our organization. Zach and Jose love hunting, but as any hunter knows, it requires a lot of stamina. And if you want to find your prey, you must cover a lot of ground — otherwise it wouldn’t be called hunting! Addtionally, the ground covered is usually not flat terrain, and can require trekking through woods, mountains, rocks, sand, and everything you can imagine! That’s where we come in. Four Season Fighters will do everything possible to find the accommodations necessary to enable anyone who wants to hunt to do just that.


fishing & Shellfishing

At Four Season Fighters we believe it is a downright shame for someone who desires to fish to not be able to do so. Not many things in this world bring you closer to God and nature than a day of fishing. Fishing requires a lot of work, gear, know-how, and let’s be honest, quite a bit of patience - they call it “fishing” and not “catching” for a reason! We don’t want a mental or physical impairment to be what stops someone from experiencing a day spent on the water in the great and wonderful outdoors fishing. There’s no better therapy.

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Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.
— Henry David Thoreau

Together, Anything Is Possible

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